essentially you are something which is being transmitted into

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CBC Radio One Inuvik

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Bon Jovi came up
We found out
where Bon Jovi lived
and we went there
I hope we weren’t shouting
I want to thank
Arnold Schwarzenegger
I’m so sorry
for what I’ve done


CBC Radio One Halifax

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The game itself is no example
Events sparked war
and honey
We’ve been told
about the massacre
Speaking through a translator
a woman is playing
the role of Richard the Third
Now is the winter
of the shoes
of all these male actors
Oh my god
That’s Richard the Third
He can change his shape

CBC Radio One Fredericton

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Things are starting to come
together now

It’s starting to look
like a town again

I mean there are people
in the parking lot

It’s all good
It’s all good

The phoenix will rise
The river is rising

CBC Radio One Edmonton

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Soldiers are people
Soldiers are just starting
to listen

to an uprooted tree
filled with pets:
a laser-guided damage

CBC Radio One Charlottetown

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Good evening
Let’s take a look
at a normal person
Our correspondent
is open and vivid
His house was smashed
It is impossible
to say when
It was cloudy
Cloudy with ideas

CBC Radio One Calgary

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To come up with fifty million dollars
To build anybody

To build fifty million dollars
To hope the weeks are bending over

To want it to happen
To put shovels in our people

It’s been in the master plan
It was always a part of the plan

I found out there was a plan
and started hollering

The Capitol Hill Blues Radio

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Poetry raised
a lot of money
for Republicans
This is reality

My point is
culture should
be sort of
a political thing

Capital Public Radio

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My pleasure comes from
the movies and young people
Tomorrow morning is slow
It’s not that borders change in death
We feel a lot of pain
Our pain is the uproar
It is unexplainable

C-SPAN Radio

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Strategic dialogue
is no longer firm

My understanding
is that I’m in flux

We talked about
where we’re at

but also Osama bin Laden
because we feel

to paraphrase
our visions

how much of the body
can they really see

BSPR News & Talk

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When people ask me
why I like This American Life
I tell them
I’m Robert Siegel
the most important piano in the world

Bio-Life Radio – Healthy Living for Life: Unknown – michael and squeeze_11-12-10

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We are biological computers
We’re fine
We’re fine
We’re fine
We start things
I start failing
most of the time
Our children become
better children
No it’s not a cure

The Big Talker 1580

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We as a people have to touch a huge reality
Homeland, add more tears
You will man it from the inside
You have representation
You have a voice
There is a component
These are Americans
An existential threat
Our program continues the 21st century
How fragile it can be

BBQ Central Radio Network: Hot Sauce Weekly – Dragonfire Hot Sauce

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This is Bill
from Hollywood

Everyone can’t get a rib job
What am I talking about

on earth
on meat

Is that what it’s all about
I don’t want to hang out

I feel revolutionary
and low-profile

create yourself

BBC Radio 5 live High

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British Airways
A snapshot of leisure
and elsewhere Barcelona
have been crowned
and rebel forces have
captured the airport
If the rebels have
seized the airport
they believe in the airport
Today we are looking forward
We are looking forward
as I told you
The pictures are
really astonishing
Just think about
what’s happened
When I look at
these buildings
I forget Lorca
and this is shocking news

BBC Radio 4 Low

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All at once they had arrived
the English-speaking
They seemed strange
and went into the spring
They came back in ecstasies
He loved them
He loved everything
Startled into impoliteness
he delivered this remark

Audiolibris: Du contrat social

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Qu’est-ce qu’on doit
Je réponds
suis la puissance
Ma question:
pourquoi on ne dira nul


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The law assumes privacy
and America

highlights the walls
of other people’s homes


Almost everything said

meaning you can’t
penetrate it

Every single day
I make money at home

inside the love zone:
a moat

AM 1450 WGNC

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It’s eye contact
with the crew

Meanwhile officials
launched an attack

on no word
This week witnesses

are not exactly
are not quite

110 potential jurors
will be taken

to Orlando
NASA stopped the launch

Engineers aren’t
exactly sure

The mission will be
today with a low

in the low 60s
We are #1

in North Carolina
in Jerusalem

we were just
on a plane

Am I alone here
I have to be

All Time Oldies – Radio Theater Channel: X MINUS ONE – the last martian – aug 7 1956

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I suppose you think
I’ve lost my mind
I’m not a doctor
Two hours ago
a horrible thing
I was locked in
There was nobody
Everyone was energy
Every place
it was the same
the fields
the streets
the stadium
the copper column
And then what
It was a dying world
in the body of a man

All Digital Radio Network: Antubert & Freek – The Live Test Show

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You’re smart
Your problem is linguistics

You’re not harmless
You’re like a world

involved in tomorrow
What are you doing

You’re just looking
at a radio

Walking upright
with an advanced degree

Alex Jones – Sunday Show Replay – Hr 2 (

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There is a lot
that goes unsaid
People have had to
run for their lives
What does a helicopter pilot do
He has made a dire prophecy
I can’t stress this enough
Watch the free video
You can produce silver
with your self-produced
nano-silver products
This is our last chance
to not relive history
as Americans online

AFM Radio on Astronomy.FM: Skepticality – Skepticality 110503.155 Christopher Hadnagy – Human Hacking 56;19

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You’ve got people
who tweet everything
They’ll put all their incidents
on Facebook
We don’t really feel
naturally anymore
I’m sorry
We used to have to go
follow them
What creepy does
is umm
follow the earth

ACB Radio Mainstream

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Over and over again
there isn’t anything
to feel sad about

A lobbyist is someone
who is fairly limited

For a long time
you can make a certain amount

ABC’s of Creating Wealth with Jason Hartman: ABC’s of Creating Wealth – Meet the Masters

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Others say that nuclear weapons
are really wonderful things
Why would I be saying that
I don’t know
Just like nuclear weapons
we recommend repairs
You need to replenish
If you have a ten million dollar portfolio
the likelihood is
you might not need as much money
in your life
I’m not saying what number
is right or wrong
but I want to get all prudent
and educated and worked up
about Arizona
at a time when Arizona
was a huge frothy bubble

A1PN – All One Psychic Network: Date Nite with Your Soul

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She was a victim
contacting the authorities
in the Seattle area
For ten years she worked for him
He loved to dance
Their story is told in the film
There’s nothing wrong with him
He’s a business man
He was an inspiration to me personally
It is amazing
It is amazing
The women love it
The men don’t talk about it
You can’t be on both sides
of the camera
Here I am on the radio
talking with you about healing
You have to touch someone
to really touch someone
I’m talking
and you’re touching
and you’re moving
Once a week I dance
with a deaf man
People with prosthetics
People with no prosthetics
This is the real truth
I’ve worked with women
The perception is that
you’re not human
not the throne
When we’re dancing
it’s the momentum
the power behind the throne

A1A – The Ask 1 Archive Channel: Creation Lightship

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It’s like doing a handshake
You don’t have anything
Mind programming, body programming
If you’re sitting there in your life
in your situations
you’ve got some kind of buzzing
in the background
Back home you’re kind of regretting the situation
I’m going to count to ten
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
There, it’s released for you now
That was an emotional release
The light ship
these invisible bodies

A-1-R The Ask 1 Radio Network: Vikki Ford Show

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What is it about this universe
You need to really let them know
You’re asking if you’re going to get this job
You might want to write this down
Let the universe show you a new way
and trust this plan
Don’t try to control everything so much
The job can be yours
This isn’t really about that right now
You done all you can, Charlene
You’ll be okay where you are