essentially you are something which is being transmitted into

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CBC Radio One Vancouver

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Win this race
You are in Ontario
and that is the latest
and it is dark
You might think “explain”
but when the sun comes out
that’s what you’ll see
This is according to research:
heart attacks in your head!


CBC Radio One Toronto

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I couldn’t quite function in the world
I was trying hard not to be her
in very specific ways
Everybody had to get married

There was a movement
You get identified one by one
You can identify me on the web
You–how shall I say–can reach the light switch

People get older
You’re not dead
but I discovered it hurt
becoming someone else

Break it up in pieces
It’s the story of us all

CBC Radio One Thunder Bay

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In the meantime
the website asked me to get
the wheels of justice turning
The timing is interesting
We were hearing noises
We had power and wealth
No matter what happens
we have to remember
to take place
This is not a happy law

CBC Radio One Sydney

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I love the multiplex
Are these guys actors?
They make funny faces

My favorite film ever
is my life
It’s all about mistakes

If I were a rich man
ya ha deedle deedle
for years

CBC Radio One Sudbury

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The Pentagon said
That is the historical record

There’s this serendipitous hurt
We are going to make a movie
The incentive is so huge

CBC Radio One Saint John

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Winter can make bedroom lives put a ring on it

This news has received complaints

Where is my bus

I can’t find it

Writing doesn’t change anything

I’ve said it six times

Numerous times

A promise doesn’t mean anything unless it’s in writing

Analysts say Hi everyone

Hi Jane Eyre

CBC Radio One Regina

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Your day extended with light
You’re very busy
I made a mistake
some weird name
Is it going to be tough
with everyone you know
How come you’re old
I’m always thinking a person
How are you able to focus
wearing the hats
learning the ropes
Wake up
You’re addressing yourself
You left me the great big world

CBC Radio One Quebec City

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Let’s vote
We can’t live like this

The roar inside the din
The unified field of America

Yes it is more frightened
Awe showed an occasion bitterly

We haven’t even gone up
reached three, four, five

It was a bacchanal
It was a good time

Emphasize the inarticulate
All those people

It’s beautiful
The cake is beautiful

CBC Radio One Prince George

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You can string together any letters
and there will be a mix of sun and clouds

You can expect dramatic imagery

We’re going to commemorate
a house I had sometimes

Do you have any fire

CBC Radio One Ottawa

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This solid black wall
kept blowing

I was still alive
with a few colleagues

and a couple of broken ribs
What happened to me

I remember I cried all the way

Two black eyes
I happened to be

I saw the jewelry they wore
The years that death amended

CBC Radio One Montreal

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Sleepless little eyes
look around and see

my front yard
my wife

Sleepless eyes
this is an example

Anyone can
contain trauma

This continues
You continue

Authorities help
the money run out

CBC Radio One Moncton

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You’re someone who goes on
There’s this feeling
what I would call a chuckle

I don’t necessarily like it
Who is Bon Iver

I want to go out on a song
I do I do

Whatever: a place
when you think
there’s someone out there

A kind of thing to say