essentially you are something which is being transmitted into

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CBC Radio One Winnipeg

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There’s more
Thanks for that, Heather

That does it for me
this morning

It’s Wednesday
December 28th


CBC Radio One Windsor

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They kind of didn’t name a whole area
On the outside
you were invisible

Now we are pursuing
a day we didn’t consider
The invisible world of others

Across America we can look
directly into the skull
an absolute zone of privacy

We’ve bundled
some opportunities
with rain in the late afternoon

It was irrational
I was young
I was ten years old at this time

CBC Radio One Victoria

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A heart attack
is driven by the head

It has resulted
without resulting

and then there’s the two
big monsters out there

Hawks fly around
wearing a tracksuit

Obviously this is what
I’ve wanted to do for a while